The life of the Instagram-King: Dan Bilzerian’s childhood and life


Today he is known as the King of Instagram and one of the richest people in the world and his real name is Dan Brandon Bilzerian – an internet megastar and also an Instagram-King. If you’re following Dan Bilzerian on the social media, then you certainly know why this multimillionaire so famous is. Photos of half-naked women, fancy cars, challenging hobbies and wild parties are a daily routine for Dan Bilzerian – and he is more than happy with it.

Dan Brandon Bilzerian was always rich – he grew up in a rich family which was part of the Armenian diaspora in America. Dan’s father was the owner of one robotics company and also had other major investments. Thus, Dan, his mother, and his little brother Adam grew up in wealth.

The Bilzerian family had a huge mansion, more specifically an eleven-bedroom mansion in Tampa, Florida. The house had eleven bedrooms, indoor basketball court, swimming pools with water slides with water slides and an imported volcanic rock mountain. Bilzerian family, the mother Teri, the father and the two sons had the opportunity to enjoy this luxury.

Besides the fortune, that this family owned, had the American millionaire, Dan lonely and stressful childhood. He did not get much attention from his family, especially from his dad. His dad was always busy and was almost never at home. When Dan finally got attention from his dad, it was when he told his son that he’s going to jail, because of tax frauds.

That’s how Dan started learning more about life on his own. The young boy spent much of the fortune to pay his dad’s bail and then tried to find a way to earn the fortune back. He didn’t succeed as part of the American Army, so he started playing poker. In its infancy was Dan’s career as poker player not so bright and he lost his money. However, he went back to poker and started earning some real money.

The American multimillionaire had a life everyone dreams of. Despite his ups and downs, Dan Bilzerian managed to earn back his fortune and to have enough money for luxurious life, not only for himself but also for the next generations.

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