How Can I Recharge My Airtel Hotspot?

What is the cost of Airtel 4g hotspot?


399 per MonthAirtel 4G Hotspot With 50GB Monthly Data Now Priced at Rs.

399 per Month | Technology News..

Can I make a call from Airtel 4g hotspot?

Airtel’s 4G Wi-Fi hotspot competes with Reliance’s JioFi Wi-Fi hotspot device, which is priced at ₹999. Apart from the usual connectivity features, JioFi allows users to make free voice calls over LTE network through Jio4GVoice, a free application on Google Play Store.

Can I use Vodafone SIM in Airtel hotspot?

This is an Unlocked Device Which Can be Used With Any Cellular Networks All Over The World. In India This Device is Supported to JIO and All GSM Operators sim such as Airtel, Bsnl, Idea, Vodafone, Jio,This E5573 Wi-Fi Strength is Higher and Batter Back up 1500MaH Battery is Great.

What is difference between data card and dongle?

General basic difference is: data card is like a card form of a storage drive for files and dongle is a device which allow access to a computer. It was used to control security on software by ensuring only the people who bought and fitted them could access the software.

How do I recharge my dongle?

How to recharge data card online?Enter your prepaid data card number.Select your operator.Enter the amount.Pick data card recharge promo codes of your choice and get cashback & other offers.Choose payment method of your preference i.e. Debit/Credit Card, Net banking or Paytm Wallet. … You are done with it!

Can I use prepaid SIM in Airtel hotspot?

if you have purchased it from Airtel then it must be locked on Airtel. it means you can use only Airtel sims. if you have purchased from any third party and they offered you unlocked version they you can use any sim. but why you want to use any other sim.

Which one is better JioFi or Airtel hotspot?

Airtel’s 4G Hotspot lasts longer than JioFi 4G Hotspot Airtel claims that its 4G hotspot will last you for around 6 hours on a single charge whereas the JioFi 4G hotspot is claimed to offer around 5 hours of battery life.

How can I get Airtel hotspot?

You can see that the IP address of the hotspot device is written as 192.168. 1.1 and username and password as admin. admin is the default airtel 4g hotspot login id and password and 192.168. 1.1 is airtel 4g hotspot login IP.

What is my Airtel hotspot username and password?

You can manage your Airtel 4G HotSpot through the web interface at The default username and password is admin.

How does Airtel hotspot work?

The Airtel 4G Hotspot allows users to connect multiple devices, from smartphones and laptops to tablets and smart TVs, on a portable network for connectivity on the go. … The device requires an Airtel SIM card to work, and needs to be recharged periodically, just like the SIM card on a mobile phone.

Can I run Airtel SIM in Jio hotspot?

Reliance JioFi is not locked with only Reliance Jio SIM, if you want to use other SIM cards like Airtel you can insert them on the device. Once the device is up, it creates a WiFi network, and you can connect all of your smartphones, laptop other WiFi enabled gadgets to the WiFi hotspot.

Which is the best dongle to buy?

Read on to see the best portable hotspot recommendations. Check out our list of the best wifi dongles and offers on Jio wifi hotspot….Best Portable WiFi Hotspot in India.Best Portable WiFi HotspotPrice in IndiaHuawei E8372 Wireless Data Card₹ 4,999JioFi M2 Wireless Data Card₹ 1,9992 more rows

How do I use a dongle?

Using a Wi-Fi dongle is simple, just plug the Wi-Fi stick into the computer or mobile phone and immediately connect to the internet. There are dongle Wi-Fi sticks for laptops as well as phone dongles, both of which function the same to provide an internet connection.

How can I recharge my Airtel 4g hotspot?

It is your lucky day today as we at CashKaro have come to your rescue. We have written this blog solely for you mentioning the best ways to get your Airtel Dongle Recharge….Airtel Data Card Recharge: How to Recharge 4G Airtel Hotspot for Airtel Data Card Recharge2Airtel Data Card Recharge with MobiKwik3Airtel Data Card Recharge with Freecharge2 more rows•Nov 19, 2018

What are the plans of Airtel hotspot?

Top 5 Airtel Wi-Fi dongle recharge plans and detailsRecharge planDataValidityINR 3983GB per day28 daysINR 5583GB per day56 daysINR 4492GB per day56 daysINR 6981.5GB per day84days1 more row•Jul 9, 2020