Question: Can You Grow A Magnolia Tree From Seed?

How long does it take to grow a magnolia tree from seed?

four to six weeksA good time to germinate is early spring.

Plant the magnolia seeds in a seed tray covered with ½-inch of compost soil.

Dampen the soil by misting it with water, then cover with plastic wrap and set in a warm place like above the refrigerator.

Seedlings should appear in four to six weeks but may take much longer..

Can I eat magnolia tree seeds?

The seeds of Southern magnolia are mildly poisonous if eaten by humans. (Wild birds and squirrels do not seem to be adversely affected.)

Do magnolias grow well in pots?

Growing Potted Magnolia Trees. … And while standard magnolia varieties can reach 80 feet in height, several smaller cultivars max out at 20 feet tall. This means that a magnolia grown in a container or pot can brighten even a small space, and it can be moved to suit your (and your tree’s) needs.

Where is the best place to plant a magnolia tree?

Magnolias prefer a spot in the garden that receives full sun to light shade. That said, if you live in a particularly warm or dry climate, your magnolia might benefit from a location shaded from the hot afternoon sun.

Will magnolias grow in shade?

They prefer full sun throughout the year but will also grow well in light shade for part of the day. In low light conditions the plant may not produce flowers.

What is the best fertilizer for a magnolia tree?

An appropriate fertilizer for a magnolia tree would be 12-4-8 or 20-5-10. The amount of fertilizer given is based on the amount of nitrogen required. A general guideline to use for a magnolia tree would be 1/10 pound of nitrogen for every inch of trunk diameter.

How do you germinate magnolia seeds?

When temperatures reach around 70° F in the spring, plant your magnolia seeds either in the ground or in pots, about 1/2″ deep in a light planting medium. Keep evenly moist until the seeds germinate, which usually takes a few weeks or longer.

Can you grow a magnolia tree inside?

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Species The star magnolia, ann magnolia, and southern magnolia (Little Gem cultivars) are all species that are recommended for indoor growth. The saucer magnolia is bigger than the rest, but horticulturally speaking, it can still be planted in a container if you have one big enough.

Where do magnolia trees grow best?

The tree does best in USDA zones 7 to 9, where it will grow in partial or full sunlight. Though evergreen, leaf drop may occur in the cooler end of its range. Southern magnolia should be planted in a protected location, as strong winds can damage its lustrous 4-inch leaves.

How much sun do magnolia trees need?

Magnolias’ U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones vary by species, with many being hardy in zones 4 through 9. Magnolias need full sun to light shade and make excellent specimen trees.

How do you care for a potted magnolia tree?

Avoid fertilizing after late summer. Because the tree roots cannot search outside the pot for soil moisture, be sure to water regularly, and make sure your pot has sufficient drainage holes to prevent water from accumulating in the pot. Magnolias like cool roots, so keep a layer of mulch on the soil’s surface.