Question: How Do I Start A Small Donut Shop?

What do you need for a donut shop?

Bakery Mixers.

Any type of bakery, including doughnut centered ones, will require an industrial-sized, bakery mixer.

Doughnut Fryers.

A doughnut fryer, not an oven, is the key bakery equipment to running doughnut shop.

Doughnut Proofer.

Doughnut Icers, Glazers, and Sugar Coaters.

Doughnut Cutters and Depositors.

Bakery Oven..

Is owning a donut shop profitable?

Are donut shops profitable? Donuts are an 85% gross profit business. So, there is potential, but you have to really watch your expenses.

How much money do you need to start a donut shop?

Owning a donut franchise provides you with marketing and operational support. However, it comes with a much higher initial investment. For example, it cost $250,000 just to franchise with Dunkin’ Donuts.

How much does a small donut shop make?

On a typical day, bakeries average around 33 to 34 customers, who spend an average of $16.62 per order. Add that all up, and the average daily sales revenue is about $560 at bakeries and donut shops. A few themes appear as we look at a month-by-month breakdown of revenue at local bakeries.