Question: How Much Does It Cost To Start A Plan With MetroPCS?

Does MetroPCS have $30 plan?

Beginning March 24th, MetroPCS is introducing a new $30 monthly promotional plan, which features: Unlimited talk, text, and data.

First 1GB of data at up to 4G speeds..

What free phones do you get when you switch to Metro?

When you switch to Metro by T-Mobile and add four lines of service, you’ll pay just $25 per line per month for unlimited talk, text, and data, and Metro will throw in four LG K51 phones for free. It’s the easiest way to upgrade your entire family and fully immerse yourself in the LG cosmos.

What does MetroPCS $30 plan include?

MetroPCS $30 per month – comes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of high speed data. MetroPCS $40 per month – comes unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of high speed data.

Do you get Amazon Prime free with MetroPCS?

How long do I get access to Amazon Prime? As long as you are on the new $60 unlimited rate plan with Metro™ by T-Mobile, they are covering your access to Prime and you do not need to pay anything additional for your Prime membership.

How much does MetroPCS activation cost?

Metro PCS does not charge activation fee. If you are a current MetroPCS subscriber and are switching to a different phone they will charge you a $15 fee in store for an ESN change. Of course free means you will still have to pay any applicable sales tax on the phone as well as a $10 $15 activation fee.

Do you get a free phone when you add a line on MetroPCS?

Metro By T-Mobile Offering Add A Line At No Extra Cost On $60 Unlimited Plan With Phone Upgrade. … Customers can now add a line for free on the $60 unlimited plan when they purchase a new phone.

Can I bring my own phone to MetroPCS?

You can now bring your unlocked GSM phones to receive MetroPCS service. … The carrier is accepting unlocked iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, and certain feature phones, but not BlackBerrys, tablets, or hotspots.

Can I activate a MetroPCS phone online?

Activating a New Phone There are three ways you can activate your new Metro by T-Mobile phone: In store. Online. By calling 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768)

What specials does MetroPCS have on phones?

+ 2 UNLIMITED LINES $75/MO. One unlimited phone line for $60 and one unlimited tablet line for $15. One unlimited phone line for $60 and one unlimited tablet line for $15….It’s easy to get your $100 prepaid Mastercard.Get your device and activate online. … Enjoy your service. … Get your $100 virtual prepaid Mastercard.

What is the cheapest plan for Metro PCS?

Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plans2GB: $30.10GB: $40.Unlimited: $50 (includes 5GB mobile hot spot data, 100GB Google One)Unlimited: $60 (includes 15GB mobile hot spot data, 100GB Google One and Amazon Prime)

Does MetroPCS have deals for existing customers?

$50 Unlimited Metro PCS Plan for existing customers The $50 Unlimited Plan by MetroPCS comes with 28 phones available at $25 upfront and $50 per month with a 35 GB full speed data without overages. … The MetroPCS $50 35GB Plan includes unlimited text, nationwide talk, and 35 GB data of 4G LTE data allowance.

How much is a family plan for Metro PCS?

Metro Family Plans10GB Data Plan$60 Unlimited Data PlanSingle Line$40/month$60/month2 lines$70/month$90/month3 Lines$100/month$120/month4 Lines$130/month$120/month2 more rows•Jan 27, 2020

Does MetroPCS still have the $25 plan?

$25 Unlimited Talk & Text – Prepaid Cell Phone Plans – MetroPCS® Get nationwide coverage, unlimited talk and text, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling and Wi-Fi connectivity*, all with no annual contract and one crazy-low price†.

Does Metro have a family plan?

MetroPCS Family Plans Up to five family members can combine their phone lines into a MetroPCS family plan. The add a line rate is $30 per line. The family plan is available with features on the primary line associated with the $40, $50, and $60 features.

How can I activate my MetroPCS phone for free?

Device Activation When your new phone arrives, you can head on over to our automated phone activation system to get activated, pick your plan and add any cool features by dialing 1-888-8Metro8 (1-888-863-8768) and follow the prompts to get started.

Does MetroPCS have a senior discount?

60% off (3 days ago) Metropcs Senior Citizen Discount Overview. Metropcs Senior Citizen Discount can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 14 active results. You can get the best discount of up to 60% off.

How do I know when my upgrade is for Metro PCS?

How to check if eligible for upgrade metropcs phones?Then click on “Upgrade device”Just click which phone you want to purchase by clicking on “Add to cart”After that Select the plan you would like (2 year plan or No annual contract) and click “Add to cart.Now you select your device, click on “Add to cart”More items…•