Question: Is PTron Boom 3 Good For PUBG?

Is MI dual driver earphones good for PUBG?

I also tested these earphones in PUBG Mobile, and I can easily say that these are the best earphones under 1000 for PUBG (in terms of sound quality and mic)..

Who is No 1 in PUBG?

Athena Gaming usually plays Solo matches and is seen playing Duo matches on rare occasions. He is the best PUBG Mobile player from Korea and is also among the best PUBG players in the world. According to PUBG mobile followers around the world, he is one of the top 10 PUBG mobile players around the world.

Are AirPods good for PUBG?

After a few months I had thoughts that maybe it was a coincidence that microphone died during the game and it’s actually safe to play PUBG using AirPods. So I started playing PUBG Mobile with AirPods. And after a few games microphone died right during the PUBG match again!

Is Realme buds 2 good for PUBG?

If you can grab a Realme Buds 2 for less than Rs 500, you are holding the best of the best earphones for PUBG Mobile under 500, no doubt about that. Realme Buds 2 not only features all the good things from Mi Earphone Basic, but it also has a lot of upgrades.

Which earphone is best for PUBG?

Wired earphones: Kingston HyperX Cloud earbuds (Rs 4,490)Wireless earphones: Razer Hammerhead BT (Rs 6,999)Wireless headphones: Steelseries Arctis 3 (Rs 7,999)Wired headphones: Logitech G Pro (Rs 8,495)True wireless: Jabra Elite Active 65t (Rs 14,990)

Are PTron headphones good?

The PTron Zap sound remarkably well for a pair of wireless earphones priced under Rs 2,000. They are loud, clear and with ample bass. The highs are crisp, the midrange frequencies are reproduced quite well with clear vocals and above-average resolved detail in a medley of instruments.

Can I play PUBG with Bluetooth headphones?

No, it is not good to play pubg with bluetooth earphones because bluetooth earphone takes some time to deliver the sound from the phone to the earbuds and you must have the sound in the pubg at the same time. Otherwise you will not even know when the enemy will kill you.

Is PTron Chinese company?

PTron was conceptualized as an electronic and mobile accessories company. In the year 2014, PTron started manufacturing mobile accessories through contract manufacturers in China. Based on SKUs and the number of units sold PTron has emerged as the largest Indian mobile accessories company. …

Which is better PTron or boat?

Music/sound quality is good. PTron brand has good fame for its sound quality in earphone products. 4. It has Mic, Voice Control, Noise cancelling etc..

What is TWS?

What is TWS technology? Nowadays, we hear about it more and more: the term TWS or True Wireless Stereo refers to a technology which allows you to pair two audio devices via Bluetooth, meaning that you can transmit the L channel (left) and the channel R (right) separately.