Question: Should I Spare Or Kill Claude?

What happens if I kill Claude?

If Claude is killed, Edelgard theorizes that he arranged the battle so that the war between Adrestia and Leicester would come to an end with a minimal amount of bloodshed no matter the outcome.

Either way, the Empire celebrates their victory and returns to the monastery to prepare for battle against Faerghus..

What is Claude’s real name?

KhalidAs many of you have guessed, Claude is a false name. His real name is Khalid. We wanted to reveal this at some point but we never got the chance to…and here we are. In the game we had originally planned a scene for Nader to call his real name but it never really worked out so the plan was scrapped.

Can female Byleth marry Edelgard?

Only five romance options for female Byleth are same-sex. … This means that female Byleth players only get the maximum number of same-sex options if they join the Black Eagles. Dorothea starts with that faction, too, but Edelgard is only available if you sign up with them.

Is Dimitri dead in golden deer?

Not very happy he appears in one chapter and then dies offscreen in the same one. Heck they could’ve just had him be the one in the throne room instead of Dedue and after the battle had him relinquish the throne to Claude as he feels like he wasn’t in the position to be king anymore.

Can you spare Hilda?

You *can* spare Hilda in CF by avoiding her on the map, since her defeat isn’t part of the victory conditions, but you can’t recruit her.

Does Edelgard die in every route?

Edelgard can never be spared, but she doesnt die in her route. Dimitri has a bad habit of dying in the timeskip of every route but his own. This kinda bugs me, it causes him to have no presence in any of the stories.

Is Edelgard the villain?

Edelgard is not a villain, and she’s not an anti-hero.

Does Claude Die Fire Emblem?

He actually does die after you beat that chapter though, from being outnumbered by Imperial troops and taking a few spears to the chest.

Should I kill or save Edelgard?

Knowing that Edelgard is the Flame Emperor may make you hesitate in choosing to protect her. However, based on the outcomes of both choices, we feel the best option is choosing to protect Edelgard here. After you do so, Rhea’s true form will be revealed and everything will make a lot more sense.

Why did nemesis kill sothis?

Nemesis killed Sothis and crafted the sword out her body. He did that because he wanted power and didn’t like being inferior to the goddess and her children.

Is Nardel Claude’s father?

User Info: Archwing3441. Claude reveals in his A support with Byleth that he wasn’t born in Fodlan. In the majority of his endings Claude also becomes the king of Almyra. Because Nardel is the current king of Almyra, we can guess that Claude is his son.

Why did Edelgard stab Dimitri?

Nah, Dimitri very intentionally stabbed her in response to getting a dagger thrown at him. There’s way too much distance between them and barely any movement from Edelgard to suggest she just kinda threw himself on his spear (lewd), while Dimitri clearly took a step forward and thrust his spear to stab her.

Who do I lose if I side with Edelgard?

If you side with Edelgard, then you lose Flayn, Cyril, Catherine, Gilbert, & Seteth (at least, this was the case for me). If you side with the Church you only lose Edelgard & Hubert.

Can you spare Seteth and Flayn?

Flayn and Seteth won’t join you, period. But you can spare them IF you fight them both with Byleth. Anyone else will kill them. … Lysithea can be persuaded by Byleth no matter what in the Crimson Flower route, so long as you spare her after the battle.

Is Edelgard in love with Byleth?

yes, Edelgard has an absolute obsession with Byleth. Well, not all routes, in Blue Lions, she more or less ignores you, and will only make some vague comment if you make him attack her.

What happens if you let Claude live?

Claude living or dying has nothing to do with support. If you let him live, he leaves Fodlan following the fight. He has a few words with Edelgard and Byleth and leaves on relatively good terms. You can recruit other characters post-timeskip if you got at least some support with them.

Why does Dimitri hate Edelgard?

Because i’ve seen people totally missrepresent her relationship with Edelgard. …

Can Hilda join Black Eagles?

We can now confirm that Hilda can be recruited outside the Golden Deer. If you are playing in the Black Eagle Route, you can recruit her between the time after Edelgard reveals her true goals, and before the timeskip. … This makes Hilda an outlier compared to other Retainers.

Can you recruit Flayn Edelgard route?

Only Flayn actually leaves – anyone else you have recruited stays. However: Catherine, Seteth, Cyril, and Hilda all cannot be recruited before the split in BE.

Can you spare Hilda Black Eagles?

Crimson Flower If the Black Eagles route is chosen, Hilda will become unavailable for recruitment unless Byleth chooses the Silver Snow route. … She can be spared if the player darts straight for Claude, although she cannot be recruited at all. “End of spoilers.

Why does Dimitri go crazy?

User Info: Yxorc. Dimitri loses all of his close ones. He desperately wants to avenge them and goes crazy when fighting the people allegedly responsible for the tragedy. A cult is leading an experiment on a village, making its inhabitants kill one another.

Can Dedue kill Edelgard?

Dedue kills Edelgard if you choose to spare her.

Is there a true ending in three houses?

Players start Fire Emblem: Three Houses with a bit of a loaded choice. … The game’s ending will change depending on which house players take up residence with. However, there is a bit of a secret fourth ending, though it’s not a true path per se. It can be accessed by choosing the Black Eagles’ house early in the game.

Can you spare Claude in Blue Lions?

No, unfortunately you are going to have to attack Claude.

What did Edelgard do wrong?

1) Edelgard hates the crest system and thinks its wrong. But the church didn’t create the crest system. Rhea in fact showed mercy to the crests wielders by not wiping them out despite them wronging her.

Do you have to kill Claude Blue Lions?

You have to defeat Claude to end the chapter, even if all the empire’s units are dead and you haven’t engaged an alliance unit for the whole map. Claude’s boss conversation with Byleth asks why they are attacking him and not the Empire, this does not change if all the Empire is dead or if he starts combat.

Is Judith Claude’s mom?

Both the wiki and tvtropes state that Judith and Nader are his parents.