Question: Should Immediate Family Be Pallbearers?

Do pallbearers have to be the same height?

If the coffin is to be carried on the shoulders, a pallbearer’s height will need to be accounted for; choosing people of a similar height is preferable and will make the coffin easier to carry.

If the coffin is especially heavy, additional pallbearers may be needed to help carry the coffin or casket..

What is funeral etiquette for the family?

Immediate family members should wear formal attire in dark colors. Black is always appropriate; darker shades of gray and blue are also acceptable. For men, go with a black suit with simple tie and loafers. Black or gray slacks and a tucked-in collared shirt is also acceptable in a more casual environment.

Who sits in the front row at a funeral?

Funeral Seating Guidelines Friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and others typically sit on the left. The front rows are reserved for close relatives. If you are a member of the immediate family and there are step-parents or step-siblings, you must take into account where everyone will sit.

Who is considered immediate family at a funeral?

Immediate family, as it applies to leave taken for a funeral leave, includes an employee’s spouse, the employee’s and spouse’s parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, and sons- and daughters-in-law.

What is the protocol for funerals?

When attending a service, be on time and enter the house of worship or location where the funeral will be held as quietly as possible. If there are no ushers, remember that the seats closer to the front should be taken by very close friends, with acquaintances seating themselves in the middle or towards the rear.

What is a pallbearer at a funeral?

A pallbearer is one of several participants who help carry the casket at a funeral. They may wear white gloves in order to prevent damaging the casket and to show respect to the deceased person.

What happens if you don’t have pallbearers?

If You Haven’t Selected Pallbearers There are times when you may not have selected pallbearers, or the individuals you would like to serve in this capacity are unable to make it to the funeral or are physically unable to bear the weight of the casket.

Can a woman be a pallbearer?

Pallbearers can be men or women, and are often either family members or close friends. Traditionally, there are six pallbearers at a funeral, as there are usually six handles on a casket (three on each side), though there are often two handles on the front and back sides of a casket, allowing for eight pallbearers.

Should family be pallbearers?

Some people feel that it isn’t proper to ask a family member to be a pallbearer. … They may have to walk over uneven ground, so female pallbearers should wear comfortable shoes and clothing that enables ease of movement. For people who have chosen cremation, a traditional pallbearer is not necessary.

How heavy is a casket pallbearer?

approximately 200 lbsThe weight of a standard adult casket is approximately 200 lbs (or 90 kgs). However, a higher-end casket can reach 400 lbs (or 181 kgs) in weight. The pallbearers may also have to carry the casket up or down a flight of stairs or over uneven terrain.

Do you give pallbearers gifts?

Providing a gift is a great way to say “thank you” and allow pallbearers to commemorate their own experience in the service. … There is no standard for pallbearer gifts, but those who opt to provide them should make sure that the gesture is meaningful and honors the service—even if just a small token of gratitude.

Why was Dianas coffin so heavy?

The coffin bared a weight of a quarter-tonne because it was lined with lead. It is a tradition that British royals are buried in lead-lined coffins. … Lead coffins preserve a body for up to a year, they can be sealed airtight and slow the decomposition of the body.

Is being a pallbearer an honor?

Being a pallbearer is a traditionally male job. The family will typically choose six men to attend the casket (sometimes “honorary pallbearers” -who have a strictly symbolic role-are also chosen). The invitation to be a pallbearer is a great honor and one you cannot refuse except for the most serious of reasons.

Why do most graves face east?

well in traditional Christian burial, the graves face east, because it is a reminder of the second coming of Christ, since he’s supposed to appear in Jerusalem, which is eastward from the countries ( if you’re talking of Europe, or America’s that is) and when Christ comes, his People will rise, and most Christians …

How do you say thank you for being a pallbearer?

Thank you for serving as a pallbearer at [Deceased’s First Name]’s funeral. You are a true friend. Your contributions to the service were a tremendous help and very much appreciated. I will forever be grateful for your kindness.

Can a son be a pallbearer?

Traditionally, pallbearers have been men and they are usually best friends or close relatives of the deceased, such as a brother, son, grandson, nephew, fraternity brother, etc… However, a number of women have successfully played the role.

Why do you carry a coffin feet first?

Carrying a coffin feet first helps them to balance the load. It also ensures that the person inside the coffin is carried with the same care and dignity that a living patient on a stretcher would be.

What does it mean if it rains at a funeral?

If rain falls on a funeral procession, the deceased will go to heaven. If you hear a clap of thunder following a burial it indicates that the soul of the departed has reached heaven. If you hear 3 knocks and no one is there, it usually means someone close to you has died.