Question: Where Has The Purveyor Gone?

Where is purveyor Murmrgh Wastelanders?

AppalachiaPurveyor Murmrgh is a mole miner and merchant who lives in Appalachia in 2103..

What are legendary scrips?

Legendary scrip are miscellaneous items that is given to the player when trading legendary weapons or armor to legendary exchange machines or The Purveyor in Fallout 76. Currently the only permanent method to obtain legendary scrip is trading with a legendary exchange machine or with the Purveyor.

Is the purveyor gone?

If you’re confused about the Fallout 76 Purveyor location, it’s because Purveyor Murmrgh has moved. The moley dealer in legendary weapons has had a rethink on floor space since the Wastelanders update and has relocated in Fallout 76 to a more accessible location for ease of trading.

Where do I spend legendary scrip?

Once you’ve lined your pockets with some Scrip, travel to the previously abandoned Train Station in Berkeley Springs and find the Purveyor within. The Purveyor has a vast collection of legendary items at her disposal and will allow you to choose whether you’d like to buy armor, melee weapons, or ranged weapons.

What is Murmrgh mystery pick?

Purveyor Mystery Pick Next Week Put your fate into Purveyor Murmrgh’s hands by choosing her Mystery Pick option, which will grant you a completely random 3-star legendary item in exchange for 60 Legendary Scrips.

What is legendary module?

Legendary modules are used in the crafting of legendary weapons and armor. One piece is required to craft any piece of legendary armor, while two are required to craft legendary weapons.

How do I get to the vault of steel?

You can obtain Vault Steel Scrap by purchasing it from the Purveyor Legendary Vendor, where it can be bought in exchange for 10 Scrip. Scrip is gathered by trading in extra Legendary loot at the exchange terminals at the Train Station.

What is the legendary exchange in Fallout 76?

Characteristics. The legendary exchange machine is an automated vendor that can trade with the player character. It trades legendary items for legendary scrip, which can be used to purchase new legendary items from Purveyor Murmrgh.

What is vault steel used for?

It’s a unique crafting item that you could use to make powerful vault armor. However, while the name has changed to Vault Steel Scrap, it has the same use. You can also obtain Vault Steel Scrap by purchasing it from the Purveyor Legendary Vendor, who has changed locations to Ash Heap.

Where can I find purveyor?

This Mole Miner is a vendor that was introduced in the Wild Appalachia add-on. She exclusively sells Legendary gear for Scrip, which is a special currency only this vendor takes. Located at The Rusty Pick in southern Appalachia, the Purveyor is quite easy to find.

Where is the legendary vendor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

If you are wondering where to find Purveyor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders, we have the answer. The legendary weapons vendor is at the Ash Heap at the Rusty Pick in the Wastelanders DLC. The vendor was previously at the Berkley Springs but since the release of the latest DLC, the character has changed its location.