Question: Which Code Is +226?

Which country code is 22?

The Senegal country code 221 will allow you to call Senegal from another country.

Senegal telephone code 221 is dialed after the IDD.

Senegal international dialing 221 is followed by an area code.

The Senegal area code table below shows the various city codes for Senegal..

Does Service Canada call you?

In very rare cases, Service Canada may unexpectedly contact you in the course of delivering Government of Canada services. When in doubt, to verify the identity of the caller as a Service Canada employee, please hang up and contact 1-800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) directly.

Which country code is 226?

Burkina FasoThe Burkina Faso country code 226 will allow you to call Burkina Faso from another country. Burkina Faso telephone code 226 is dialed after the IDD.

What country is this code?

Austria Country Code 43 Country Code AT.

Where is a +1 phone number from?

1 – United States, Canada, and several Caribbean nations share the international calling code 1, with each US state (or parts of US states), province, territory, or island nation given its own three-digit “area code”.

Which country uses 227?

NigerTelephone numbers in NigerLocationCountryNigerContinentAfricaAccess codesCountry calling code+2272 more rows

Where is a 226 number from?

226 is the area code for Kitchener, and it is among the many area codes used in the province of Ontario in Canada right now. Geographically, Kitchener is located in the southwestern region of Ontario, so this area code is assigned to residents in that region. The other area code assigned to this region is 519.

Is 226 a cell number?

Area code 226 serves southwestern Ontario, Canada including London, ON. It is an overlay for area code 519 and serves the same area.

What area code is 5 9?

Area code 519ProvinceLarger cities in area code 519Time ZoneON OntarioActon, Brantford, Cambridge, Chatham, Guelph, Kitchener, London, Orangeville, Owen Sound, Sarnia, St. Thomas, Stratford, Windsor, Woodstock All citiesEASTERN Current time is 04:07:59 PM– overlaid by area codes 226 and 548 —

How can I get Lesotho number?

Buying a Lesotho Phone Number is easy. Use the drop down arrow and choose Lesotho in the top left country field. 2 Select the Virtual Number Lesotho type of number you want from the drop down list.

How long are country codes?

15 digitsInternational numbering plan E. 164 permits a maximum length of 15 digits for the complete international phone number consisting of the country code, the national routing code (area code), and the subscriber number.

Which country code is 44?

the United Kingdom’sFor instance, France’s country code is 33, and the United Kingdom’s country code is 44.

Where is the 266 area code?

Lesotho was allocated the country code +266 by the International Telecommunication Union in the late 1960s. Phone numbers in are eight digits long, the first two digits being the area code.

How can I call to Canada?

To call Canada from the U.S., just follow these simple dialing directions: Dial 1, the country code for Canada, then the area code (3 digits) and finally the phone number (7 digits).

What country is the area code 519?

CanadaArea code 519/Country