Quick Answer: Can Girls Say Yes After No?

How do you say yes to a girl asking you out?


There are three things to do; say yes, no or ask for some time.

You know her and like her then you say yes.

And if you don’t know her but find her attractive then say yes and go out with her, if you like what you find, go out with her again, if not politely decline the next time she asks..

What does it mean when a girl says no but means yes?

“If a lady says no, she means maybe.” In the current climate of sexual harassment and assault, the common overarching defense from perpetrators is that “fun” or “flirtation” were intended, at least to start.

What means no but?

Absolutely no excuses, discussion, or protestations (about something). I don’t care how, but you make sure you’re at your son’s party tomorrow—no buts about it! No buts—just do as I tell you!

What does it mean if a girl hangs out with you alone?

It could mean that she likes you which would be more likely if she wants to hang out with you alone and she shows signs of attraction with you in her body language. She might also consider you a friend especially if she wants to hang out with them with you as well.

How do you impress a girl if she says no?

Ask a girl out on a date.Make it clear you just want to hang out. Don’t talk about relationships or ask her to be your girlfriend.Do not corner a girl or make her feel trapped (physically) when asking her out. … If she seems reluctant to go on a date with you, invite her to do something with a group of friends.

Should I talk to a girl who rejected me?

She might not be interested in relationship or have someone in her life. try to know the reason. Also, If you value ‘friendship’ more than ‘being in a relationship’ then you can talk to her. Remember, if it’s hurting you being as just friend then you can infore her the same and stop talking and move on.

What to tell a girl when she asks why you like her?

If you like a girl because she makes you laugh, tell her. If you like a girl because her legs turn you on, tell her….It’s always better than a compliment that could be given to anybody.”I like how much I like you. … “I like how much you turn me on.””I like how you make me laugh.”More items…

Why do girls say yes then no?

So, what does it mean when a girl says yes then no? It could mean that she is seeing someone else, she had something come up, she is not interested in you, or that she doesn’t want to do what you were planning on. It would help to consider how she said yes and what her body language is like around you.

What to say if a girl says yes?

If she says yes, smile and say great! Offer her a time and what activity you propose to do like a dinner. If this is your first date, perhaps a more casual date is better. This will relieve the anxiety of having to get all dressed up and get all stressed out.

What if a girl says no?

If a girl has said no, be sure she’ll keep saying no irrespective of the number of times you ask her. So don’t think that you can harass her into changing her decision. That only works in Bollywood movies.

Can you turn a no into a yes?

Use the Word “And”, Not “But”. The key to turning a no into a yes is to avoid a confrontation or argument. Instead, you want to present yourself as being on the same side as the person you are looking to convince – and your word choice can influence that. … Don’t use the word “but” in your pitch; use “and.”

How many no’s before a yes?

fiveA no means that a yes is possible. Most people won’t say yes to an idea without saying no first. In fact, studies show that the average customer says no an average of five times before saying yes. This is because decision-making is an emotional process, not an intellectual one.

Should I tell a girl I like her?

So before telling a girl you like her, you may want to first steer the conversation in that direction. … After she explains this, it’s your turn to talk about your dating life. Now that she’s focused on you and hearing what you have to say, she’s less likely to be taken off-guard when you tell her you like her.

What is a cute way to ask a girl out?

Here are some simple ways to ask a girl out.Pass a note. Remember the good ol’ days of “Do you want to go out with me? … Call her. Nothing fancy here. … Buy tickets. … Say it with flowers. … Or say it with pizza. … Bring her a coffee. … Sing it. … Let your dog do it for you.More items…

How do you turn a girl number into a yes?

Instead, here are five ways you really can turn that no into a yes:Get a clue. No doesn’t always mean no. … It’s not you, it’s me. … Deal with the objections. … Make it better. … Don’t take it too seriously.

How do you talk to a girl you don’t know?

If you’re approaching a girl in person, give her a warm smile and read her body language to see if she seems ready to talk. Then strike up a conversation about where you are, ask her friendly questions, make her laugh, and leave her wanting more by asking for her contact information.

Can no mean yes?

In short, no means no, except when it means yes, at which point you will be clearly informed that no meant yes. So just assume no. Even the one word answer to your question is NO.

Does no mean yes in any language?

In Polish, no means ‘yes’.

How do you say yes in a flirty way?

Funny Ways to Say “Yes”As long as I’m alive.You’re not giving me that much of a choice, huh?Then, let’s seal it with a kiss.Just be sure to pay me back later.Just be sure that we won’t get caught.Life’s too short to be saying no.Who put you up to this? Tell me!Kiss my butt first.More items…•

Should I ask her out again if she said no?

No you should not ask her again. How you should “deal with her” depends on cricumstances. If she’s ok about it, just carry on as before, except for any attempts at flirting or otherwise letting her know you are interested. If she’s not ok about it, give her some space.