Quick Answer: What Channels Is On DStv Compact?

Does DStv Compact have catch up?

DStv Catch Up now available to Compact and Compact Plus subscribers.

DStv Catch Up is now be available to both Compact and Compact Plus subscribers, with an active Explora and PVR subscription, thereby offering them much more great content.

Catch Up has been available to Compact and Compact subscribers from June 30..

What is the difference between DStv Compact and DSTV Compact Plus?

Compact Plus sits between DStv Premium and DStv Compact, and offers sport, general entertainment, and kids channels. Its monthly fee remains R489 and its channels list is untouched, but MultiChoice said the name change eliminates confusion between the Extra package and the DStv XtraView service.

How much is Xtraview on DStv Compact?

DStv Xtraview is a way of linking 2 to three decoders under a single subscription. You pay an additional R100 for each decoder in the extra view.

Does DStv Compact have channel 198?

The pop-up channel according to a press statement from Multichoice, opened on March 1, 2019 and will run till March 31, 2019, the channels are on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29, with feature highlights from the previous two seasons – See Gobbe and Double Wahala.

What sports channels are on DStv Compact Plus?

In all, DStv Compact PLUS is made up of over 61 channels including news, lifestyle and entertainment channels and premium sports available on seven sports channels, namely; SuperSport 7Ni, SuperSport 9, SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport 10, Euro Sport News, ESPN and ESPN Classic.

Can you choose DStv channels?

Cape Town – In an interview on SABC News Calvo Mawela explained why DStv subscribers in South Africa and across Africa can’t each pick only the TV channels each one of them want, and why MultiChoice bundles TV channels in a few bouquets. “The model doesn’t work.

Can I watch Champions League on DStv Compact?

Subscribers on DSTV compact plus and DSTV premium have the full rights and stations to watch the UEFA Champions League on DSTV. The two channels dedicated to the Compact plus to watch champions league include Channel 225 (SuperSport 5) and Channel 226 (SuperSport 6).

What does DStv compact include?

Monthly. DStv Compact gives you access to a wide variety of programmes and hours of entertainment. … The DStv Compact package also includes a range of lifestyle, news, music, series, kids’, religion and interactive channels.

How many SuperSport channels are on DStv Compact?

13 SuperSport channelsAll DStv Access, Family, Compact and Compact Plus customers will get all 13 SuperSport channels – SuperSport 1-12 and SuperSport Blitz – from 13 to 31 July. “Sport has a beautiful way of uniting friends and families, and sometimes even strangers.

What are the channels on the DStv Compact bouquet in Nigeria?

Channels Added to the Compact package includes MNET Movies Action, MNET Movies All Stars, Studio Universal HD, VUZU, BBC Brit, BET, MTV, TNT Africa, Africa Magic Urban, ROK, National Geographic, Discovery ID HD, SuperSport HD 3, SuperSport HD 4, WWE Channel HD, Disney, Disney XD, Trace Mziki, Sky News, Ebony Life TV …

Does DStv Compact have channel 161?

New channels and shows The company also said it would bring more shows from its higher-level bouquets to DStv Compact subscribers. … The shows are now broadcast on Mzansi Magic (channel 161) and Mzansi Wethu (channel 163), in addition to 1Magic.

Is catch up free on DStv?

DStv Catch Up is a decoder-only service where series, movies, sports, and documentaries are “pushed” to PVR-capable decoders. … Subscribers must pay a monthly access fee of R85 for the service, which includes access to DStv Catch Up, PVR usage, and XtraView.