Quick Answer: What Does The Word Reasonable Mean In Legal Terms?

What does reasonable mean in a contract?

It introduces an objective standard in the contract.

The term reasonable places a limit on discretionary power or the effect of overly strict obligations.

Where it limits the exercise of discretionary power, it requires that a party is able to explain its performance (or failure to perform as expected)..

What does reasonably mean?

adjective. agreeable to reason or sound judgment; logical: a reasonable choice for chairman. not exceeding the limit prescribed by reason; not excessive: reasonable terms. moderate, especially in price; not expensive: The coat was reasonable but not cheap. endowed with reason.

What is a reasonableness standard?

The reasonableness standard is a test which asks whether the decisions made were legitimate and designed to remedy a certain issue under the circumstances at the time. Courts using this standard look at both the ultimate decision, and the process by which a party went about making that decision.

What is a sneaky?

If you describe someone as sneaky, you disapprove of them because they do things secretly rather than openly. [informal, disapproval] It is a sneaky and underhand way of doing business. Synonyms: sly, dishonest, devious, mean More Synonyms of sneaky.

What makes someone reasonable?

In most cases, persons with greater than average skills, or with special duties to society, are held to a higher standard of care. … For example, a physician who aids a person in distress is held to a higher standard of care than is an ordinary person.

What is the reasonableness test?

Reasonableness test is an audit procedure that the auditors would use to examine the reasonableness of accounting events or transactions that a company has recorded in its financial statements.

What does reasonability mean?

noun. The quality or capacity of being reasonable; reasonableness.

What do you call a reasonable person?

: a fictional person with an ordinary degree of reason, prudence, care, foresight, or intelligence whose conduct, conclusion, or expectation in relation to a particular circumstance or fact is used as an objective standard by which to measure or determine something (as the existence of negligence) we have generally …

How do you determine reasonableness?

To be reasonable means to be as much as is appropriate or fair. In math, reasonableness can be defined as checking to verify that the result of the solution or the calculation of the problem is correct or not, be either estimating or by plugging in your result to check it.

What is the Graham standard?

The U.S. Supreme Court case of Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386 (1989), established “Objective Reasonableness” as the standard for all applications of. force in United States.

What does hardheaded mean?

not willing to change ideas: not willing to change ideas or opinions : very stubborn. : having or involving careful and practical thoughts and ideas that are not influenced by emotions : practical and realistic. See the full definition for hardheaded in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is a reasonable effort?

Reasonable Efforts means the good faith efforts that a reasonably prudent Person desirous of achieving a result would use in similar circumstances to ensure that such result is achieved as reasonably expeditiously as possible. Sample 2. Based on 14 documents. 14. + New List.

What is the meaning of reasonable price?

If you say that the price of something is reasonable, you mean that it is fair and not too high.

What does reasonably good mean?

: to a fair or moderate degree : fairly. The estimate was reasonably accurate. They’re doing a reasonably good job. He is doing reasonably well in school.