Quick Answer: Who Can You S Rank In Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Who is the best dancer Fire Emblem three houses?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Best DancerFlayn – Three Houses tries to force Flayn as a potential Dancer onto you, and she’s definitely an excellent option.

Dorothea – If you’re playing with the Black Eagles (or have recruited Dorothea to another house), then Dorothea makes perfect sense..

Can you marry sothis?

You can marry Sothis no matter the route or gender. … Sothis doesn’t even care you helped destroy the religion that worships her, killed her/your daughter, and removed all influence she had on Fodlan. She just wants to sleep and be with you.

How old is Byleth?

Page actionsGenderChosen by the player.Age20-21 (Part I) 25-26 (Part II)BirthdayChosen by the player.Height175 cm (~5’9″) (male) 164 cm (~5’5″) (female)FamilyJeralt (father) Sitri (mother, deceased)5 more rows

Can you marry jeritza?

Now, Fire Emblem Three Houses has two male romance options for male Byleth: Linhardt and Jeritza. For a complete walkthrough of all potential romantic partners for both versions of Byleth, check out our full Three Houses romance guide for more.

Does Edelgard have a crush on Byleth?

yes, Edelgard has an absolute obsession with Byleth. Well, not all routes, in Blue Lions, she more or less ignores you, and will only make some vague comment if you make him attack her.

Is the flame emperor always Edelgard?

The Flame Emperor is Edelgard and will always be Edelgard no matter which of the three campaigns you choose. … Should you take up Edelgard’s class, her original friends will become your followers and turn against her.

When can you s rank in Fire Emblem three houses?

Everyone starts at C-Support, but only a select few can reach S-Support. Only Byleth, the main character, can develop S-Rank relationships. That means there are no children characters you can unlock in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. S-Rank relationships can only be developed after a certain milestone in the game.

Can you date anyone in Fire Emblem three houses?

Fire Emblem Fates continued the trend, with glimmers still present in the newest entry, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While there’s no “dating” in the game, per say, the main character Byleth can romance one person, and there are romantic undertones to some of the higher support ranks between the students.

How do you get S rank to support Edelgard?

Can Only Achieve S Rank By Choosing Edelgard Route. When progressing the main story as Black Eagles, you will eventually need to choose to side with Edelgard or side with the church. Make sure to side with Edelgard. Siding with the church will lock Edelgard out for the remainder of the story.

Can female Byleth marry Edelgard?

Although the female version of Byleth can romance other female characters like Edelgard and Dorothea, male Byleth’s sole gay romance option is not what it seems, at all. As such, there are zero gay romance options for male Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Does Edelgard always die?

Edelgard can never be spared, but she doesnt die in her route. Dimitri has a bad habit of dying in the timeskip of every route but his own. This kinda bugs me, it causes him to have no presence in any of the stories.

How do you get S rank with Rhea?

You must raise her support to A rank to be able to S support her at the end of Silver Snow. (church route) You are unable to S support her in Crimson Flower (Edelgard route) as she is the main antagonist of that route.