What Are The Apps Banned By Google?

Is PUBG banned in India?

PUBG is Ban in India – The Battle Royal video game; PUBG is one of the most played game among youngers.

Earlier, we knew that the Indian Govt had banned 59 Chinese Apps in India.

As per the latest news, the Indian Govt has decided to ban 47 apps, and the list of the apps to be banned will be released soon..

Which is the most used app in India?

Top ten most downloaded apps in IndiaTikTok. TikTok. … Facebook. Facebook was dethroned by TikTok, but it still managed 160 million downloads in India this year. … Likee. Likee. … WhatsApp. WhatsApp retained its fourth place with downloads of over 134 million. … Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger. … UC Browser. UC Browser. … Helo. … VMate.More items…•

What all apps are banned in India?

Here’s the complete list of the apps banned:TikTok.Shareit.Kwai.UC Browser.Baidu map.Shein.Clash of Kings.DU battery saver.More items…•

What apps are illegal?

Some of the illegal Android apps were approved and were once popular….We strongly stand by our position as to not use the following apps.Sarahah Messaging App. Sarahah was a simple messaging app that started back in 2016. … ShowBox. … Aptoide. … Girls Around Me. … AndroDumperr. … CreeHack. … Terrarium TV. … Secret SMS Replicator.More items…

Is Google banned in India?

“While we continue to review the interim orders from the Government of India, we have notified the affected developers and have temporarily blocked access to the apps that remained available on the Play Store in India,” a Google spokesperson said. …

What is Joker malware?

Joker is a ‘trojan’ malware which is activated only when a user interacts with it in the form of an app installation as such. The virus then goes past the device’s security and is able to render the device useless or even steal information.

Is Play Store Chinese app?

Similar action has been taken by the Apple App Store, sources said. Chinese apps removed from Play Store and App Store include UC Browser, SHAREit, WeChat, CamScanner, and Mi Community.

Will govt ban TikTok?

President Trump then confirmed in a separate interview that the government is considering a potential TikTok ban. The news sent TikTok users flooding to the platform to decry the potential ban, with a New York Times reporter noting that one post about the potential ban received thousands of comments within minutes.

What are the 25 apps banned by Google?

List of 25 apps banned by Google:Super Wallpapers Flashlight.Powerful Flashlight.Super Bright Flashlight.Super Flashlight.Wallpaper Level.Contour level wallpaper.Iplayer & iwallpaper.Video maker.More items…•

Which apps are owned by Google?

A list—from A to Z—of all the companies, brands Google’s Alphabet currently ownsA – Alphabet / Android / AdSense / Analytics / Ara / AdMob / Alerts.B – Blogger / Boston Dynamics / Books.C – Calico / Cardboard / Capital.D – Drive / DeepMind / Design / DoubleClick.E – Earth / Express.More items…•

What are the 11 apps banned by Google?

Here’s a list of all the 11 mobile applications banned by Google:imagecompress. android.relax. relaxation. androidsms.cheery. message. sendsms (two instances)peason. lovinglovemessage.contact. withme. texts.hmvoice. friendsms.file. recovefiles.LPlocker. lockapps.More items…•