What Does Wee Barra Mean?

What is the Scottish word for sweetheart?

JO n.This word is a Scots variant of ‘joy’, and can mean a sweetheart or lover, or be a term of endearment akin to ‘dear’ or ‘darling’..

Why is Scotland called Alba?

The Gaels gave Scotland its name from ‘Scoti’, a racially derogatory term used by the Romans to describe the Gaelic-speaking ‘pirates’ who raided Britannia in the 3rd and 4th centuries. They called themselves ‘Goidi l’, modernised today as Gaels, and later called Scotland ‘Alba’.

What is the meaning of Barra?

Noun. barra (plural barras) (Tyneside) A barrow; a hand-pushed cart of the type commonly used in markets.

What does calling someone a rocket mean?

to criticize someone in a very angry way. Synonyms and related words. + To criticize strongly. attack.