What Is Thickness?

What’s another word for viscosity?


gelatinousness, tackiness, sliminess, glueyness, stickiness, viscidity, ropiness, cohesiveness, glutinosity, gluiness, glutinousness, gumminess, viscidness..

Is thickness the same as width?

As nouns the difference between thickness and width is that thickness is (uncountable) the property of being thick (in dimension) while width is the state of being wide.

What is the thickness of lithosphere?

about 100 km thickThe lithosphere is about 100 km thick, although its thickness is age dependent (older lithosphere is thicker). The lithosphere below the crust is brittle enough at some locations to produce earthquakes by faulting, such as within a subducted oceanic plate.

Is thickness the same as height?

The thickness of an object is defined as the smallest of three descriptive measurements: height, width and length. If you’re dealing with a rectangular prism, and if its volume and the area of one side are provided, you can use those two measurements to calculate its thickness.

What is the plural of thickness?

Noun. thickness (countable and uncountable, plural thicknesses)

How thick is the average piece of paper?

0.0039 inchesThe average paper thickness in 1/10th of a millimeter (0.0039 inches.) If you perfectly fold the paper in half, you will double its thickness.

What is true thickness?

a) True Thickness- distance measured perpendicular to the upper and lower contact of a tabular unit. … Vertical strata: if the map surface is relatively horizontal, the distance measured perpendicular to the contacts is the true thickness. 2.

What is thickness of cylinder?

It is the difference between outer and inner cylinder walls. The white region of circle can called as thickness of cylinder. For eg. Outer wall is of 12 mm diameter and if inner is of 10 mm diameter so the thickness of cylinder is 2 mm.

Is thickness a word?

The noun thickness can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be thickness. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be thicknesses e.g. in reference to various types of thicknesses or a collection of thicknesses.

What is the thickness of heavy duty aluminum foil?

In the United States, foils are commonly measured in thousandths of an inch or mils. Standard household foil is typically 0.016 mm (0.63 mils) thick, and heavy duty household foil is typically 0.024 mm (0.94 mils). The foil is pliable, and can be readily bent or wrapped around objects.

What is the opposite of thickness?

▲ Opposite of the measure of an object’s width, depth or breadth. thinness. height. slenderness.

What is another word for size?

What is another word for size?dimensionsextentdepthdimensiongreatnessmeasuremeasurementproportionscaleweight228 more rows

What do you mean by thickness?

1 : the smallest of three dimensions length, width, and thickness. 2 : the quality or state of being thick.

What is the thickness of asthenosphere?

about 180 km thickThe asthenosphere is the ductile part of the earth just below the lithosphere, including the upper mantle. The asthenosphere is about 180 km thick.

What are 5 facts about lithosphere?

All about Lithosphere It extends from the surface of the earth to an approximate depth of 80-100 km. Our planet is made up of various layers. The outermost layer is known as the earth’s crust. Beneath the crust, there is a solid and rigid layer of rock material that is known as upper part of the upper mantle.

What are the 3 components of lithosphere?

Lithosphere The solid part of the earth. It consists of three main layers: crust, mantle and core.

How do you calculate thickness?

For example, the plate is made of aluminum (the density 2.7 g/cubic cm) and weighs 41.85 g. Then the plate volume is 41.85 / 2.7 = 15.5 cubic cm. Divide the plate volume by the surface area to calculate the thickness. In this example, the thickness is 15.5 cubic cm / 96.774 square cm = 0.16 cm or 1.6 mm.

What is another word for thickness?

In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for thickness, like: density, compactness, girth, solidity, closeness, heaviness, stiffness, condensation, concentration, clot and breadth.