What Letter Is Drink?

Which alphabet is a part of body?

Originally Answered: Which alphabet is a part of our body.

“S” is an alphabet that represents “the spinal chord” of our body..

What is a fruit that starts with F?

7 Fruits That Start With FFairchild Tangerine Fruit.False mastic fruit.Feijoa Fruit.Fibrous Satinash Fruit.Finger Lime Fruit.Florida Strangler Fig Fruit.Forest Strawberries Fruit.

What is a good hot drink?

10 Healthy & Hot Drinks To Keep You Warm This WinterAlmond & Maple Hot Chocolate. … Warm Spiced Coconut-Almond Milk. … Hot Lemon Water. … Ginger Tea. … London Fog. … Apple Cider With Cinnamon. … Russian Tea. … Hot Vanilla Chai Tea.More items…•

Which letter is a hot drink?

your answer is “T” lettar.

What letter is an exclamation?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ˌexclaˈmation mark British English, exclamation point American English ●●○ noun [countable] the mark (!) that you write after a sentence or word that expresses surprise, anger, or excitementExamples from the Corpusexclamation mark• And I mean that exclamation mark.

Which alphabet we can eat?

Answer: We can eat “P” English Alphabet which Pea.

What is a fruit that starts with E?

Check your answers belowAAcai berry AppleApricot AvocadoDDamson DateDragonfruit DurianEElderberryFFigGGooseberry GrapeGrapefruit Guava21 more rows

What is a fruit that starts with V?

Fruits That Start With V:1 – Valencia Orange Fruit: Valencia orange fruit is a type of orange that is sweet. … 2 – Vanilla Fruit: Vanilla is a fruit that is grown on an orchid plant, that grows in the form of bean pod. … 3 – Velvet Apple Fruit: … 4 – Velvet Tamarind Fruit: … 5 – Voavanga Fruit:

English breakfast tea is the most popular hot drink selected by 37 percent of respondents, followed by coffee with 31.4 percent.

What is your favorite hot drink?

With tea and coffee the nation’s top two favourite hot drinks, hot chocolate takes third place, with 15% of us enjoying this most. Less popular choices include hot fruit drinks and herbal tea, with 3% of Brits choosing these as their favourites.

What letter of alphabet is an insect?

Answer Expert Verified A1) Answer is ‘Y’, as it sounds much like ‘why’, used for a question. A2) Answer is ‘B’ as the English word ‘bee’ is the name of an insect.

Which alphabet is a vegetable?

The alphabet “P” is a vegetable as when pronounced, it sounds like if we pronounced “Pea”…